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Java " Runtime Environment


The software described here offers many features - but the two most important ones are its stability and its capability to run on any operating system for which a Java Runtime Environment exists. To accomplish this difficult task, the software is written in one of the most advanced object oriented programming language currently exists: JAVA.

To run Java programs on different operating systems, they are (during compilation) translated into cross-platform "byte code" and executed on the particular operating system by a so-called   Java " Runtime Environment (JRE).

So before you can run a Java program, you need to download the particular JRE (currently version 6, about 12 MB) and install it.

Further on, usage of the JRE and its included global "libraries" has the additional advantage that Java programs usually are very small and that any download of a new version of a Java program is fast and thus money-saving.


The Java " Runtime Environment can be downloade here.

The anchor point for all Java information is: here.

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